Jasmine Mist Serendipity Bouquet

Our handmade petal soap
flowers are inspired by

botanicals and delicate details in flower gardens.

Each artisan flower is hand-pieced together to create a unique bloom that may be enjoyed one petal at a time. 

Pull out one petal from the outside, and the rest of the bloom stays intact to be enjoyed as the flower gets just a little smaller. Once the petals are all enjoyed, a matching bar of soap is revealed beneath our large petal soap flowers.

The Collections

Large Petal Soap Flowers

Best Seller

Cherry Blossom Best Seller

Butterfly Kisses Best Seller

Graceful Day Gardenia Petal Soap Flower

Our handmade gardenia bloom has a delicate fragrance of gardenias. Our gardenia is our best-selling bloom. 

Pull off one petal for a full body cleanse or about 10 hand washes. The petal lathers richly with shea butter and goat’s milk soap that leaves skin moisturized. One of our top selling blooms. 

Bath and Body delight

Bring in the delight of the garden

Our handmade blooms are inspired by nature’s beauty. Each bloom is hand-pieced one petal at a time to enjoy petal by petal.

I’m Amber


I believe that we can find much meaning in the flower garden, and it can restore us inside and out and nourish us with the botanicals and the beauty. 

I believe that thoughtfully created details can lead to lasting memories. That when we have something that touches on our different senses that we can feel immersed in a moment of timelessness – even if just a moment. Sometimes that is all we need to relax or recharge to be ready for a new day, journey, or dream.




A beautiful visual can be healing to a soul. I believe this because delighting in the flower garden speaks to my soul in a way that words cannot. It is the same as seeing something beautifully designed whether it is a wedding invitation suite or a beautifully curated magazine that shows artful adventures created to spark delight.

I think it shows love, care, and even courage. When we see the garden and the love created within it, with the beautiful and delicate designs, our hearts are stirred. We are inspired to take the visuals we see and create them with botanical ingredients for a delightful experience in the bath and home. We hope that this page inspires your creativity in finding your favorite ways to enjoy.

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