Graceful Day Gardenia

Our best seller – A creamy white gardenia bloom inspired by the kindness of a graceful day. 

How it Works

Pull off a petal from the flower, wash hands, and place petal back into the flower to enjoy again, or place onto a petal stand (included). Each petal lasts for about 10 hand washes. 

A petal may also be enjoyed for  a full body cleanse or a skin-softening bath soak. 

Instructions are included on each box. 

Featured Products

Each of our handmade products are inspired by the garden’s delight or something else just as wonderful. Each has its own little story or thoughtful inspiration that we hope brings delight to your bath, body, and home.


Our variegated Elenora is scented with an Apple Honey Champagne scent that is delightful. It has quickly moved up the rank and is now our #4 best selling flower. 

Be Held

The new Be Held flower is a gentle reminder to be held by sweet memories, the care of our Heavenly Father, kind friendship, or something that caresses your soul. This flower is delightfully scented. 

Day in Paris

thoughts of paris, peonies soft and fragrant

A’marie’s was named because it means “gracious under adversity.” However, it  helped that A’marie sounded French to me. I love the visons and delight associated with the French countryside, and of course, Paris! When I see flowers markets there, I often see pink peonies. 

It just so happens that I received a call from someone named A’marie. She said that she was named after a French person, and we were both delighted.

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