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Our Market-time Specials are through July 24th. (We are in building 3, floor 3, booth 2503!)


#1 Best Special: Orders totaling $650 or more receive Free Shipping + 8% Off + Free Display Flower

#2 Special: Orders Totaling $450-$649 receive Free Shipping + 5% Off


Ways to enhance the display –

Please add in the notes field, at checkout, if you would like any of these matching items:

– Display Flowers – large bloom to create a bouquet $14 Each
– Scent Tester Tins $2 Each
– Loose Petals $1.50 per pack of 5 petals.


Thank you! Please let us know if you have any questions! Text or call 601-706-9270.

We’ll send a payment request link prior to shipping, or please let us know a different preference. Wholesale Shipping TBD (Free shipping with specials.)

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Minimum Opening order is $350
Reorder minimum is $150
All large flowers come in 1’s. Orchids come in 3’s.

Our Top 6 Flowers in order from #1: Graceful Day Gardenia, Cherry Blossom, Butterfly Kisses, Elenora, Day in Paris , and Mississippi Queen.

New orders come with a sign, display booklet, 1 pack of loose petals, and an O List Sign. We’ll also email links to our professional photos and videos. 

Each large flower is approximately 5 inches in diameter and inches high. Each has a bar of soap at the bottom to be enjoyed after all 35 petals are enjoyed. Each petal offers over 10 hand washes or a full body cleanse or a skin-softening bath soak. The flowers are hand-pieced together with shea butter and goat’s milk soap. It is gently moisturizing as it cleanses. Each flower is boxed with instructions, details, and wording about the garden’s delight and all artisan handmade.

Our orchid plants are easily assembled for presentation in your store. 

Please feel free to call in an order or ask questions or to order at 601-706-9270 or email to amber@amariesbathflowershop.com.


Inspiration to enhance your display area

We love helping to create special experiences for your store.

Display Sign

Included with first order, also loose petals

Display Booklet

Included with first order

Scent Tester Tins

The flowers are wrapped in cello. Each tin has a flower name on it, so customers may smell the fragrance.

Display flowers are offered during January, July, and with first order (Gardenia, Cherry Blossom, Butterfly Kisses)
Professional Product Photos Available HERE
Links to all our videos available to share: HERE

Our Story

Hear how the petal soap flower idea came to be.

Create a soap flower bouquet

Create a flower bouquet using our large flowers.

See How a Flower is Enjoyed

Use one petal for at least 10 hand washes. Each flower has over 300 hand washes plus a bar of soap underneath. Enjoy a beautiful flower visual longer, as the soap is enjoyed, by pulling petals from the outside first.

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