Using A’marie’s Bath Products for all your Skin Care Needs

This September we wanted to share the skin care benefits of A'marie's products. You may already appreciate the beauty and convenience of our bath flowers, sugar scrubs and brooches, but what you may not know are the skin care benefits of our ingredients. We hope this list grows as we…

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A Glimpse Into Creation

This year at A’marie’s is the first year the company created a team just for designing the new fall products, and taking over the creative side of the business. Hence its name, “The Creative Team.” This allowed our founder Amber Earles to take a step back and focus her time…

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A’marie’s Events

Okay! This post is about a little dream coming true about our products getting to be a part of a special event. This is how it happened. One of our very cherished retailers, Marty's Pharmacy (Flowood, MS), said that our flowers would be great for events and that each person…

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The Growing Season

Hi Everyone! The month of April is finally here. That means it’s time for new Spring flowers. April is the month of the growing season; and trees and flowers begin to show out. We thought it only appropriate to tell you about our favorites for this month and give you…

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Handmade Gift to Handmade Business

We are thankful to see our founder, Amber Earles, featured in Handmade Business Magazine ( Amber’s business grew from a gift she made for her mother-in-law. Back then, Amber was still making soap bars, but the thing is, after you use a pretty soap bar once, it loses its look.…

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