Mama Hazel’s Painting



August 24, 2018

This painting of beautiful soft pink roses was painted by my grandmother, whom we lovingly called Mama Hazel. Mama Hazel was an amazing cook, kept a beautiful flowerbed, and was a great storyteller. She would beat us in a game of cards (and most any other game), let us play hide and seek in the house, and showed us how to be thankful and enjoy life, no matter the situation. She enjoyed painting and loved sharing her paintings with others.

In my teens, the rose painting hung in my bedroom across from my bed. It was one of the last things I would see before drifting off to sleep and one of the first I would see each morning. It was a special reminder of a wonderful lady.

Over the years I have used the soft pink color and rose as decorations in my home, yard, work, and in my wedding. Even now, I have a satin bouquet of soft pink roses in my living room. I am pleased to share this rose with you in the Berry Bliss Rose soap flower.


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