A Flower Unfolds



July 1, 2018
Amber is the Founder, Co-Owner and creative designer who loves looking at all flowers and dreamed of being some type of designer since she was a girl. After finding her passion for bath products and body care, she was excited when the idea came 10 years later to combine the two and has felt a passion for both since. She is holding the Vintage Rose that was the first type of bath flower made. After four years of progression, it became what it is today.If we are like flowers, and we have layers, we unfold one petal at a time. Imagine one aspect of yourself that you would love to bloom, but it is a little scary to let that aspect move and be opened. That is the way it was in the beginning for me, personally.

The Vintage Rose was our first flower. It is inspired by those before us who, with their strength and sophistication, went ahead and followed their hearts. It is for those who did the tough work that needed to be done and who hung in there when times were tough.

Sometimes, we hear that the scent reminds them of their grandmothers. Wow! What a generation. Strength and sophistication defined those women who made a difference and blazed the paths of where we are today. Romantic and soft, yet daring and dedicated.

Life has a way of helping us bloom, but I think that there are parts of us, our gifts, that are waiting for us to allow them to unfold. Is there a part of you that you are waiting to unfold? I pray that you will see the floral design that lives within you.

If you have found that passion or if you have an idea about what that passion may be, please share with us. We would love to know!




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