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February 27, 2019

We are thankful to see our founder, Amber Earles, featured in Handmade Business Magazine (http://handmade-business.com). Amber’s business grew from a gift she made for her mother-in-law. Back then, Amber was still making soap bars, but the thing is, after you use a pretty soap bar once, it loses its look. That’s exactly what Amber’s mother-in-law told her and thus began the spark to start thinking of a product that stays beautiful throughout its whole use.

Since 2011, Amber has been selling her soap flowers, and the business continues to grow each day with new flowers, and even new products like our macaron sugar scrubs. Her main focus this entire time has been the ingredients and creating a product that was truly beneficial to your skin. With her goat’s milk and shea butter soap blend, this creates the perfect soap base to create all of her products. What is now the A’marie’s Team gets its inspiration from real flowers, and we try and pair colors that go together to make collections. For instance, our last collection made was for this coming spring, and we named it “The New Beginnings” collection. All the colors of this collection are fresh, light, yet vibrant.

Packaging our flowers has always been a challenge. We recently switched to our new classic white box, and it really completes the look we desire. We want our flowers to be eye-catching in stores, and the packaging really seals the deal.

For the full article, check out Handmade Business March 2019 edition pages 10-11.

-A’marie’s Team

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