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July 1, 2019

This year at A’marie’s is the first year the company created a team just for designing the new fall products, and taking over the creative side of the business. Hence its name, “The Creative Team.” This allowed our founder Amber Earles to take a step back and focus her time on other things.

With the new creative team, we got to go through the whole process of creating a new flower step by step and we want to share with you just how special they all individually are! As you may know, a flower just doesn’t happen overnight. There are several steps that are made to get to the finished flower. Let’s take a look!

First, the creative team brainstorms ideas. We gather at a round table (just like those knights) and talk about types of flowers, colors, petal shapes, and so much more. For us, the colors came first. We knew right off the bat if we wanted a blue, or a yellow flower. Then we honed in on the right shade and began color matching. Like painting a house, we use giant color swatches to explore and pick our colors. We also use outside information like the predicted most popular color of the year.

Creative 2 - Amarie's Bath FlowersNext, we choose our petal shape or flower type. A lot of times it is something like rose, peony, or something we have on hand. Sometimes we might develop a totally new petal shape. It all really depends on how we want the flower to look.

Then, we gather around our round table with about 20-30 different fragrances and smell each and every one until we have that feeling of “that’s it!” That’s the one that matches that flower and our vision. The flower is finally coming together and we make our first sample.

Once it’s made, we then have to decide on a name. The name is always the final step, or usually the final step as it seems to be the hardest step. We want to express the true meaning of the flower and what it means to us into just two or three words typically. And that is so hard to do. We will all literally sit around and just call our words, names, and piece things together. Sometimes, we get super silly and start saying random things, but that can lead us to put another word with it and it creates the name. Once we land on a name, we all can feel that that’s the name the flower is supposed to have.

Lastly, will make any finishing touches or last-minute changes to the flower to make sure it’s exactly how we want it and how we want it to look for our customers. We want it to be just as special to them as it is to us.

We hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into the creation of a new flower. We hope this makes you excited about your new products coming into your store knowing how much time, care, and effort went into creating these special gifts!

Lots of Love,

The creative team.

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